Bloodbath McGrath

Co-Host of A Top 3 Podcast

General Bloodbath McGrath was born in the late 80s in the funk Capitol of the Midwest. Upon meeting Dave, Aaron and Alan in a winner-takes-all Indian wrestling contest where several people lost their lives, a group formed- a group of misfits bound together by their love of Dave Chappelle, Dirty Work, Bowling for Soup song parodies and Steve Perry. Bloodbath excelled in journalism and shoe repair as a young man when he decided to throw caution to the wind and take out many high interest student loans and major in 19th century German philosophy. Half way through young Bloodbath's education, his love of culinary arts took center stage and he began taking an interest in his family's bar and grill. Today Bloodbath is a successful entrepreneur with 2 bar and grills as well as a prominant land baron, often seen around town shaking people down for rent and breaking the legs of freeloaders. He has a beautiful wife and daughter and is feared and desired by many worldwide.

Bloodbath McGrath has hosted 99 Episodes.